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Impala, an African antelope found in the savanna and open woodland from Kenya to South Africa, is a high Springer over the bounds and obstacles and predators! This is synonymous with what Impala group is and the type of music presented.

Impala music originates from a blend of the 70's East African Night club dance music with underlying traditional rythms and rich harmonious vocals. There is a rich and intricate combination of instruments that give the music a sense of euphoria.


Impala Band performed in Boston over the Easter weekend. In the image on the left the group posed for a photo shoot after attending a radio interview in the studios of the WMBR MIT radio on 142 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA.


From left is Kenneth, Fiona, the manager Mr. Lawrence Muyimba, Betty, Saidi, Fiston, Nsubuga and Adam with the guitar.

Impala Band is scheduled to perform again this year in the US plus a long awaited appearance in Uganda. The band performed in Turnpike north london after returning from Boston.